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Sue Graham - Janice Lo.jpg


Sue was an exceptionally talented artist who brushed with fairy dust and mesmerised all. She was one of the first artists to trust us with her work, and we are so glad she did; we sent so many of her beautiful creations to homes and offices across the UK. We were besotted with her from the minute our paths collided and miss her quick wit and friendship immensely.


​“Ideas for paintings keep on coming. Sometimes I worry the well of creativity will run dry… but so far every time I go there I’m able to bring something back. There is an endless variety of inspiration in the world.


My style is quite chaotic, usually launching straight into a painting with an idea in my head and seeing where that takes me. There then follows a period of ‘retrenchment’; lots of adjusting and assessing. And sometimes things are scrapped. Some paintings come fast and some emerge through a more convoluted process.


Over the years I have received so much encouragement from friends and, touchingly, from random strangers too. It means a lot to me. Somebody once asked me to reflect on why it is that I paint: the question has sat with me for years but I think the answer is this: to communicate feelings and ideas and to be accepted for who I am” – Sue Graham.

5th December 1962 – 16th January 2022

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