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Wendy’s love of art began at primary school and really developed at college where she was taught by a hugely inspirational teacher. This is also when her love of gouache began! Wendy studied Fashion Textile Design at University in London and later completed her P.G.C.E. in Art and Design. Wendy went on to become a secondary school art teacher and later taught pupils with special educational needs. Now a full-time artist, working from home in her studio, living the dream on the waterfront in Pembrokeshire.


A lifetime of studying and teaching art has been extremely fulfilling and this shines through in her paintings. They’re colourful and fun, conjuring feelings of joy, freedom and halcyon sunny days beside the sea.


Wendy is inspired by the creatures that live around her and can replicate any of the examples shown on this page. No two paintings are the same, all are slightly different and unique.


Wendy’s skills know no bounds, anything is possible as you’ll see from the family portrait commissions. Pricing can be found below.


24 x 12 inches - with 4 or fewer people - £200

24 x 12 inches – with 5 or more people - £250

30 x 16 inches – with 5 or more people - £300

(Postage and packaging not included)

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