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Beaconsfield Contemporary Art Fair 2023 - hosted by Vincent & Green

Hello art lover! We hope you are enjoying these early days of autumn, September always feels like the start of a new year to us. It also means we are getting ready to exhibit again and wanted to let you know that our incredible artists are putting the finishing touches to their collections. We’d love it if you popped in during our show - 29th September – Sunday 1st October 2023, open between 10am – 4.30pm each day at Beaconsfield Tennis Centre. Here’s what to expect:


Visiting Artists

We have strong family connections in Wales and have 2 guest artists joining us from the Cymru. Sian McGill who is based in Swansea and Wendy Kehoe from Pembrokeshire. Both live right by the sea and paint it beautifully with differing styles, but both full of vibrant colours. Ensuring we have a constant reminder of sunny days by the sea.


New Local Artist

We are very excited about Nathalie Pymm joining our collective and exhibiting with us for the first time. Nathalie’s creations are warm and inviting compositions that make you want to be in them. With a range of mixed media colour explosions and lino prints to liven up any wall or nook.


Usual Suspects

We are delighted to see the return of our amazing squad of artists, some of whom have exhibited with us since 2014, and whose creations we’ve sent all over the UK, they include – Gabby Harman, Marian Hyland, Rosina Flower, Laura Bardell, Ali Mackie, Sally Ibbett, Sue Graham and Jennie Roberts.


Emerald Frames

The lovely Cath Friend from Emerald Frames will be on hand to advise anyone needing a little help imagining their purchase in a frame. Selecting the right frame isn’t as easy as it looks, the wrong frame can distract from the artwork, so do take full advantage of Cath’s knowledge.

On a separate note, Cath is busily framing some beautiful prints by the immensely talented Sue Graham, who sadly passed away in January 2022. We have never exhibited without Sue and we aren’t going to start now. We are delighted to be able to offer some of Sue’s most captivating paintings as prints. They can be created just for you, in a size that works best for your space.


Ruth Mastenbroek – Perfumer London

We are thrilled the Ruth Mastenbroek team would like to join us again on Saturday 30th September and surround our beautiful artwork with their incredible fragrances. Ruth is Britain’s only classically trained perfumer with her own independent brand of perfumes. They are an independent local family run British brand, so all perfumes are made in England and are hand poured and bottled in the Cotswolds. Their fragrance Zephyr won Perfume Extraordinaire at the Fragrance Foundation UK Awards 2023, which was no surprise as it’s exquisitely unique. So save yourself a trip to Fortnum & Mason and have a sniff with us instead!


Rosina Flower

It is with great sadness we are sharing the news that Rosina Flower passed away on the 6th September 2023. She was an absolute treasure and we will miss her tremendously. Rosina exhibited in galleries all over the world and it is our great honour to be exhibiting an extensive collection of her original paintings at the end of the month.


As always we will be raising funds for charity Food for the Hungry during the exhibition and hoping to add to the £2777 we have raised for them so far.


To get a better idea of what’s going to be on show, please visit our website:

We can’t wait to see you walk through the doors!

Vix x


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