Joyful Janice

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

"The main reason I attended V&G exhibitions was to support my close friend, but also as someone who used to love painting in oils I was intrigued to see what the artwork would be like.

Sue Graham’s Laburnum Tunnel really caught my eye because of her flamboyant brush strokes, texture and choice of vibrant colours. I couldn’t go home without it and as you can see it hangs at the end of my hall creating a feeling of spring all year round.

When I finished my previous renovation/ build we had a lot of empty walls so I went with Vix (Vincent & Green) to meet Paul Hunnings. He still had an enchanting collection of prints from his gallery days and I fell in love with his oriental pieces because of my roots.

You can see the four I bought in the picture behind my piano. Vix recommended Bespoke Framing (Penn Street) who did an excellent job showing them off, suggesting complementary mounts and frames."

Joyful Janice