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Kind Kerry

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

"We have always loved visiting art galleries but very rarely found anything original at an affordable price. I wasn’t able to go to the first V&G exhibition, but encouraged my husband to pop along, I thought he’d only be gone for 10 minutes and then come home, but to my surprise he was a good hour and came home beaming. Since then we have never missed a V&G exhibition.

We have built a great relationship with V&G over the years and more recently have shopped for art together. Every visit has been very fulfilling as we are introduced to artists offering the style we like and are able to view an abundance of their work at a price we are prepared to pay. It is a great buzz buying something directly from the creator and supporting art in Buckinghamshire. Each piece has its own story!

V&G advised me where to go to get quality, reasonably priced framing, where they can look at the painting with an expert eye and suggest the most appropriate frames.

We would highly recommend using V&G if you are keen to buy art you love. We couldn’t have found many of the pieces we now own without them. There has never been any pressure to buy, it has always been based on owning something that brings you joy when it is placed in your home or office."

Kind Kerry


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