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Lovely Lisa

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

"Following Victoria’s last exhibition where I had much-admired one of her artists, she facilitated a meeting at his studio so that I could see more of his work. I fell in love with a piece that represented a specific part of Glasgow where my husband’s father had grown up and bought it for a significant birthday - he loved it! I have purchased art over the years from places that have meaning to me, but had never managed to find a piece from my home city of York that I really wanted so Victoria took me through the process of commissioning a piece by the aforementioned artist.

She was at all times, professional and understanding of my needs and brokered the relationship between myself and the artist perfectly - something I would have found slightly tricky to do on my own, particularly when the first iteration didn’t quite resonate with me. The result is, in my opinion, the most wonderful interpretation of York Minster and it brings me joy every day! I would strongly recommend anyone who is looking for a significant gift or commission to chat to Victoria - her network of local talent is impressive!"

Lovely Lisa


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